One of the best things about home is that as soon as you walk in, you feel safe. You are in your own space free from any outside rules and judgements. The furniture and design may not be perfect, but it all offers a sense of comfort and security when it’s in your home. So, it is important to remember some keys things that can keep your home safe from physical damages that threaten every building’s sense of safety.

First, protect your home from fire. You should have at least one fire extinguisher in an easily accessible spot, maybe more depending on the size of the house. Everyone in the household needs to know where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it.

Keep your smoke detectors on and working. When the detector starts to beep, indicating that the battery is low, take it down and change the battery. Do not just take the batteries out to make the noise stop. You need to care for the smoke detectors, they are vital in keeping your home safe from fire damages.

Protect your home from flood and severe storm damage by being proactive. If you have a sewer system, install an additional valve to prevent backflow often caused by flooding. Keep your gutters and drains cleared so they’re ready for heavy rain when it comes. When it comes time to renovate, use flood-resistant materials whenever possible.

Make sure your home is safe from heavy winds with basic landscaping. Don’t plant trees too close to the house. You don’t want a tree to grow and mature just to have some winds tear it down and into your living room. Keep plants groomed so weak branches won’t fall onto your home or car in the wind.

A final, easy tip is to keep flashlights all around your home. Have one in the kitchen junk draw, another on the bookshelf, and one in the bathroom. Everyone in the house should know where they are so that a sudden blackout doesn’t cause panic.

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