Homeowner’s insurance goes beyond covering just your physical house. Most homeowner’s insurance policies include some coverage of your personal property. Aptly named personal property coverage, this aspect of an insurance policy can help protect your personal items if they are lost or damaged.

There are policy specific limitations to what personal property is covered. The items must be damaged or lost in what is known as a “covered loss”—meaning an event that is covered by insurance. If your insurance covers theft, for example, then an item lost in a theft would likely be covered.

There are two main ways you will have your belongings replaced. Typically, your insurance carrier will give you the amount that the lost item is valued or reimburse you when you replace the item. To help ensure your items will be covered when lost, you should take inventory of valuable items and even take pictures if necessary. This can be especially helpful if your policy will pay for the cash value of the item rather than the reimbursement.

Be aware that there are often limits to how much a policy will cover for an item. If you have any personal property that is exceptionally valuable, you may want to consider getting insurance for those specific items.

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